Passaat Schooner
St.Maarten's Classic Day Sailing Experience
Passaat Sailing Gift Certificates

A few easy steps:

Send us an email through our Contact Form with your request for a gift certificate 
and mention:
* Which cruise you would like to gift
* The name of the couple or person(s) it is for
* Any special wish you have that we can mention on the certificate

Call us (+1-721) 580 3301 with your credit card information, we will not charge the card 
until the guests have joined us for the cruise on the certificate
We will email you a PDF of the certificate for you to print, on the certificate it is clearly 
stated how reservations can be made

The guest makes the reservation and arrives aboard: we will charge your card.
Gift certificates are valid for 6 months unless agreed otherwise.

Sample Certificate

Passaat Sailign St.Maarten Gift Certificate